Online Marketing Resources Guide

Here is a list of the industry standard tools for online marketing. These tools/resources are laid out in three sections: first the best tools for establishing/developing a website or web presence, second those tools used for marketing & driving traffic to your website, then thirdly those tools used for monitoring your website and converting visitors into customers. Almost all online marketing companies will be making use of most or all of these tools. Many of these tools/resources can and should be used by business to help develop and expand their online presence. For small businesses looking to get started on the web be sure to take a look at our review of web hosting.


BEST Content Management Systems for most small businesses   (recommended)

Telecommunnications   (recommended)   (Setup your own phone system/PBX)

BEST Content Management System for E-commerce (product sales directly over the web)

Website Hosting platforms (Recommended alternative to using a website builder platform)    (recommended)

Compare web hosting speeds here

Website builder platforms (for quick/simple websites)  (recommended)

Free wordpress hosting from Woodstitch (best for testing out wordpress)

WordPress plugin for fast site

Site testing tool for various site issues

RSS reader  (for subscribing to websites)

Site to find good/cheap freelance workers (design/programming/logo.s)

For getting written content (articles/text context)

Top Social Media platforms

Advanced twitter search (search keywords in your industry and engage with customers ex: .nice high heels.)

Tactics for getting facebook friends

Social Media management tools.


Backlink building
research competition .
Directory submission .
Press release .
Article Submission .

Complete list of backlink building tactics .

Localized Marketing
Google Local Business  (IMPORTANT . GET ON GOOGLE MAPS)

Affiliate Marketing (have other people sell your product)

Newsletters (industry standard/more robust)  (quick setup/cheap)

Video Sharing

Paid Advertising

Facebook Marketing   (create a facebook addvertisement)   (create a facebook promotion)

Advertising on Google  (show up in google search)


Analyzing your traffic

Monitoring your website health

Advanced SEO tactics   (best forum for learning SEO/onling marketing)

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