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Localized Content Marketing

For local and small businesses it is often difficult to compete on the web. Larger companies tend to have many more resources for getting their content in front of potential customers. So how does a smaller company get traffic & compete with national companies on the web? The answer often lies on localized content marketing. Localized content marketing often consists of implementing marketing strategies that favor local customers. Often customer loyalty and trust is far greater when the customers are physically near your product – weather or not you need to see them face to face in order to offer your product or service.

A few localized marketing tactics may look like one of the following
  • City targeted keywords - you can get a list of all the cities in your area here
  • Get in local directories - great list here
  • Target seo and adwords locally
  • Create a commonality example: "We are located near the panthers stadium"

Marketing your website locally is the most valuable strategy for small businesses, google, bing and other search engines give small businesses an edge for getting local customers. Taking advantage of various tactics to do this properly can drive substantial traffic to your business.

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