Web Hosting Speed Test Results - 2014

Taylor Hawkes


Summary Of Results

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Note that these are results from 2014 for newer results see 2017 results here.

Yahoo Web Hosting came in first with Ipage hosting as a close second. Go Daddy, Host Gator, 1 & 1, and Rack Space performed pretty well, while Dreamhost and Bluehost were trailing at the back.

One thing that really surprised me was how well Ipage Hosting performed (especially on the east coast). I have previously recommended them as the best shared hosting provider for the price, however I would have guessed their servers would be medium speed or even on the slower side - apparently they are among the fastest out there.

My second surprise was the relatively poor performance of Bluehost. I would have guessed that Bluehost would have been on the fast side, however this was simply not the case. Bluehost performance was ok from the testing computer on the west coast, however it did not perform well on the east coast.

The last surprise was the pretty decent performance of Go Daddy. After hearing and seeing so many complaints on the web about how slow Go Daddy is, I was almost certain they would be the slowest of the bunch, but that was simply not the case. Go Daddy performed pretty well both on the east and west coast.

These results have been updated in Jan, 2014. You may see last years results here. There has not been to much change over the past year, the two notible changes were an improvement in the performance of bluehost and a degradation of performance on rackspace.

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