US Zip Code Map

Zip Code Catcher Tool

Ensnare an area of zip codes in the USA and download them into excel. You can even get all the USA zip codes.

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PHP Interview Questions

Common PHP Interview Questions

See a list of the most common PHP interview questions, with all the correct answers from a PHP a guru.

PHP Interview Questions
Learn PHP

Learn PHP

Ready to learn how to program in PHP? Learn from the professional today.

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Javascript Code Examples

Javascript Code Examples

Take a look at our list of most the most common JavaScript spots you will get in, and example solutions on how to get out of them.

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PHP Code Examples

Here is the ultimate list of PHP code examples, for common spots that PHP devs run into.

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2014 host reviews

2014 Web Hosting Reviews

Taylor gives a in-depth review of the big 6 web hosting companies. Find out what web hosting is right for you.

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Killer Bees

Killer Bees

Just for fun, play some killer bees.

Fastest Web Hosting Test
Web Hosting Speed Tests

Web Hosting Speed Test Results

We decided to find out once and for all who the fastest web hosting company out there was. Take a look at what our research found!

Fastest Web Hosts
PHP Web Hosting

Grepper Chrome Extension

Review and compare PHP web hosting providers. Not all PHP hosts are created equal!

Top PHP Web Hosts
IVR Designer

IVR Designer

Build your own interactive voice response system in minutes.

Interactive Voice Response Software
Professional Translation Services

Professional Web/Content Translation

Need a website or some copy translated? "Woodstitch Translate" offers top quality content translation in over 30 languanges. Delivered in 2 business days or less for only $10 for every 500 words.

Wordpress Translate
online marketing resources

Online Marketing Resources For Small Businesses

Here is a comprehensive list of tools/resources and software that should be used by most small business when building and marketing an online presence.

Online Marketing Resources
Free Wordpress Hosting

Free Wordpress Hosting From Woodstitch

Set up your own website in just a few minutes. Woodstitch offers 100% free wordpress hosting and we don't limit any wordpress functionality.

Free WordPress Site
2014 host reviews

How to make a phone tree

Step by step tutorial (with pictures) on how to setup a very simple phone tree system.

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