We develop, design and program customized software solutions for the web. From small business websites to customized web applications we love technology and we will always be hard at work creating better solutions for our clients.
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Custom Website Design

Having a great look and feel to your website helps your business in a few ways. First a professionally designed site validates your business, inspires trust in your business and all in all gives people visiting your website a pleasant experience. Secondly and perhaps more importantly a uniquely designed website sets you apart from all the other websites out there. There are nearly a half of a billion sites on the web - yes you heard right. Many of these site are built on Content management systems, and often will have the same theme or design as many other websites. Sometimes this goes unnoticed by the site visitors, however people are increasingly able to recognize when a site is on a popular CMS like wordpress or is using a widely dispersed theme. This can immediately turn users off to your website/business and does nothing to help promote your brand.

It's not only users that may be turned of to your website. Search engines are now looking and not only your site content, but also the code and design of your web site to determine how your site will rank. If search engine sees that you have the same content (copy/text) as many other sites, your site will likely not rank well in the search engines, similarly if they see your site has the same html/css code as other sites your site will not rank well.

Our custom website design expertise include
  • html5/css/javascript/jquery development
  • Photoshop graphic web & logo design
  • Printable Sketch Templates for Wireframing
  • User experience testing and optimization
  • Custom theme development
  • Small business design & branding

Having a unique web presence is critical in order to compete for traffic on the web. Custom web design helps to: validate your business, build a sustainable long term marketable brand, converts visitors into customers and makes your site more appealing to search engines. Our uniquely talented web & graphic designers are here to work with you to develop your custom website.

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